• This book creatively approaches evaluation as a practice and a systemic discipline with human values such as humility, compassion, transparency, and collaboration at its heart. Highly recommended to everyone concerned with a better future for the planet and all life that inhabits it.

    Juha I. Uitto Director, Independent Evaluation Office, Global Environment Facility
  • What might the world be like if it was inhabited by people imbued with evaluation? Here's a very interesting exploration of such a world. And it will additionally enrich your thinking about how to vote in 2020.

    Michael Scriven Founder, Faster Forward Fund
  • The core values and principles of visionary evaluatives read too good to be true: envisioning a world of humility, sustainability, equity, compassion, respect, understanding, and engaging deeply, toward iterative action. What a tall order and request this book is making for those of us in the field of evaluation! Bravo to the authors for pushing us. Their book is compelling and futuristic, written as a story that helps us imagine and re-image our field, our lives, and our world.

    Rodney Hopson Professor, University of Illinois—Urbana Champaign
  • Humanity's current trajectory on Earth is unsustainable. Transformation is needed at every level and in every arena of action. The alternative may be no future at all. This book and its Visionary Evaluation Principles envisions evaluation as part of the transformation. Embrace the vision. Act on it. How? Start by reading Visionary Evaluation.

    Michael Quinn Patton Author of Blue Marble Evaluation
  • A fascinating journey into the future. The heroes, “Visionary Evaluatives", catalyze forces including the UN Sustainable Development Goals movement. In their innovative blending of evaluation designs and daily living habits, the heroes demonstrate the strong beliefs in the value of the sustainability of the planet and equity for all its inhabitants.

    Deborah Rugg President, Evaluation Consultants LLC; Former Chair, UN Evaluation Group
  • I have always been drawn to expansive, outside-the-box thinking as a powerful way of seeing what’s most important and how we can influence the world for the better. Visionary Evaluation delivers just that – a compelling and intriguing values- and principles-driven framework that we can use to help guide human action.

    E. Jane Davidson Real Evaluation LLC & Faster Forward Fund